I honestly can say this is the best Martial Arts Studio in Falls Church. The staff is very nice, they’re teachers show discipline and help their students get better, and their TaeKwonDo Camps, Birthday Parties, and After School programs are amazing. Honestly consider this place if your planning to take TaeKwonDo or if your children are planning to take it.

Francisco Ramirez,

It seems to have a very organized system especially when it comes to after school program. Everyday has a different program, activitiey, and Tae kown Do class. It was very impressive because these various activities would get children’s attentions very easily and help to get along with friends. Also, It’s very clean over all!

Hwabaek Choi,

UMS is a very positive place for children and adults alike. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to assist their students. The facilities are well kept with ample equipment for the classes. Overall, it is a very good place for students who are new to taekwondo.

Brian Wieland, https://plus.google.com/104005212207100307518/about?hl=en