Scheduling Options

UMS Martial Arts program offers convenient schedules at affordable rates.
We are open six days a week, to make it easy for you to study and progress through the ranks. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you progress as rapidly as you need.
Here at UMS, we offer two styles of martial arts: Taekwondo and Hapkido. Both styles place distinct emphasis on practical self defense while at the same time achieving the many benefits of martial art training. Our styles are similar to karate and MMA but place a greater emphasis on self-defense and kicking.

Group Classes
Hap Ki Do and Tae Kwon Do Programs are scheduled Group Classes. Group Classes feature self defense instruction, physical conditioning, various reaction drills, and training exercises designed to build the skills necessary for effective self defense. 3 classes/week are recommended to start; (2 classes/week minimum required for advancement in rank). Unlimited classes/week are available with no additional charge when student is ready (to be determined by Master Um).

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for the student who seeks an even more accelerated and personalized training program. Private lessons can be scheduled at anytime you wish, based upon the instructor’s availability.

Special Programs and Discounts
Discounts are available on the Family Plans and Advanced Training Programs such as our Black Belt Program. All major Credit Cards are accepted and Payments may be made monthly.

2019 Updated Schedule


1. Sparring Weeks – White Belt & up: bring sparring equipment
2. No Classes – On Testing days & Belt Ceremonies
3. Closed – On Government Holidays & when Fairfax County AND Alexandria City schools close due to weather.
4.Every Friday is Free sparring day: Bring your sparring gear


– Students are allowed to take one class per day.
– Little Tigers may take classes only if they practice with a family member.
– For schools seasonal break, UMS still have regular class.
– UMS has No class on Belt Test & Belt Ceremony day when BOTH FCPS, ACPS are closed due to the weather.
Thank you