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Martial Arts … not a sport

DSCN3305The word “Hap-Ki-Do”, is defined as the way of harmony and force, or the art of coordinated power. If you break down the word, here are its meanings: “Hap” stands for harmony, unity, coordination, together, or concentrated. “Ki” means energy, inner power or cosmic force. “Do” means martial arts way.

As an art, Hapkido teaches confidence and self-discipline. When a fight is unavoidable, Self-defense is the answer. It seeks not to overpower an attacker with strength, but with techniques that turn an attacker’s own force back on themselves. It is a complete and versatile art with kicks and punches seen in Karate and Taekwondo, joint-locking techniques seen in Akido, and throws that are similar to those seen and taught in Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Unlike Judo and Karate, Hap Ki Do is not a competitive art. It focuses on the psychology of the street fighter, making it a practical martial arts for city dwellers.


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After many years of searching, hapkido1I finally found a genuine, challenging and rewarding martial arts school at “UMS”.
Efron Degardo Investigative Specialist





hapkido2Martial Arts studies provide physical discipline, as well as a strong spirit. The way is simple and you train hard.
Kris Warner Engineer





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