After School Tae Kwon Do

After School Hours until 6:30pm

We provide students with:

  • Transportation from their school to UMS Martial Arts – even for early dismissal days
  • Taekwondo classes 3 times per week
  • Supervision for students with homework
  • An engaging Activity of the Day:
    • Monday- Quiet activity,
    • Tuesday- Homework day,
    • Wednesday – monitored video & computer games,
    • Thursday – Reading day,
    • Friday – movie
  • Trained, enthusiastic and caring staff
  • Taekwondo Day Camps for most teacher work days and during some weather conditions in Alexandria City and Fairfax County
  • A positive atmosphere where students learn to demonstrate respect and responsibility

Once here, students may change into their uniform for Taekwondo class, work on their homework, read, participate in the Activity of the Day, and play quiet games or activities. At 6:00, everyone prepares to get picked up before 6:30 pm. After 6:30 pm, late charges apply.

2018-19 After School Registration Form Available here.

2018-19 After School Heath Care Form (Requirement)


*During free time students may work on homework, have a snack from home, or participate in the activity of the day.

**Availability of this feature may change due to the number of schools.

Late Charges are $10 from 6:31 pm to 6:45 pm and $5 for every 15 minute segment thereafter.

Bailey’s E Sleepy Hollow E
Holmes M William Ramsey E
Corpus Christi Queen of Apostles
Columbia E Camelot E
Glen Forest E  St Michael’s
John Adams E  Poe Middle
Mason Crest E  
Samuel Tucker E  
Woodburn E  
Glasgow M  

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