Children’s Tae Kwon Do

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Little Tigers

Ages: 3 & 4


Ages: 5 & 6

If your little one is energetic and needs a positive outlet, our Little Tigers class is right for them! These young students are taught martial arts basics at a level they can easily grasp and are encouraged to be respectful and focused little individuals in a positive and safe atmosphere. We encourage parents to watch their child’s progress in class and continue to support their child’s growth at home.


Children’s Classes

Ages: 7 – 10

During school, children learn academics in a structured atmosphere with others their age. Taking Taekwondo with their peers teaches and reinforces the concepts of respect, self-control and focus, priceless tools they use in school, through a novel setting. Students also gain confidence and grow in responsibility by taking classes and advancing to higher belt levels. Taekwondo classes are especially beneficial for students who are kinesthetic learners.






Ages: 11 – 16

This class is designed specifically for young adults in middle school and high school. Students focus on goal-setting and strengthening their physical and mental physique. What better way to keep in shape and meet new friends than to practice and spar together?




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