There are a wide variety of martial arts in the world, each with their own unique style. MMA, short for Mix Martial Arts, is defined as an extreme sport that includes techniques from a variety of different martial arts styles. This includes:

  • Mix of boxing punches
  • Hapkido‘s offensive and  defensive skill.
  • Jiu Jit Su joint lock ground grappling
  • Wrestling  grappling fighting skills
  • Knee and elbow kick and punch of Kickboxing
  • Combination of Taekwondo kicking
  • Etc.

In short, MMA is the combination of all the the best techniques from all branches using for the offense and defense. It helps with dealing real situations for fighting, along with developing combat fighting skills for the military and professional sparring skills for fighters.

Each martial arts have different style of techniques.  Grappling is what is mainly focused in Jiu Jit Su, Judo, and Wrestling.   If there were two or more opponents fighting in a situation, it is better to use striking techniques instead of ground fighting. Taekwondo is the best for kicking, but  if someone is  grappling, other skills may be necessary.

MMA is a mixture of the best skills and technqiues and can be used for any situation, whether it may offense or defensive.  All  martial arts are like sports, which means an extreme physical condition and endurance will be needed. It is encouraged that all aspiring martial artist learn the kick strikes from Taekwondo, close strikes from Kickboxing, punch from boxing,  ground fighting from Jiu Jit Su and Wrestiling, and joint manipulation from Hap Kido. Combining these elements will make an individual an undisputed fighter.

Our class is 1 hour and 20 minutes and is divided into 2 parts

  1. 50 minutes of hard endurance training. This will include a lot of cardio based martial arts exercises. Great for those who want to get a good workout and sweat, and is also newcomer friendly.
  2. Last 30 minutes of class are going to be heavily focused on fighting skills and how to properly used them in a real-life situation. These skills are based from a mixture of martial arts style, such as jiu jit su, wrestling, taekwondo, etc. Open to all, but not mandatory for those who are not comfortable with fighting.