By the token of time, both children and adults are tested. Whether as a hobby or as a sport, the classes are tailored to one’s skillset. For instance, a child of age 6, wouldn’t be required to do a tornado kick. In both, Tae Kwon Do and HapKido there is a good ratio of quality of instruction time. Also, the Afterschool Program has recently added a limousine to their arsenal. In short, both the Tae Kwon Do classes and Afterschool Program both are a beacon of excellence.

Joseph Jones,

UMS Martial Arts is a great place to practice taekwondo. I have known and trained with Master Um for the last 10 years and with my personal experience, I highly recommend everyone who is interested to learn taekwondo. Master Um and the rest of the UMS team dedicate themselves to teach each student with 120% of their energy. They are very passionate of what they do, which makes UMS Martial Arts one of the best taekwondo school’s in the Northern Virginia area

Guizen Del Canto,

My children love UMS. Master Um sets a fun and challenging tone while supporting your child to succeed. The teachers are wonderful role models, funny, caring and respectful. I highly recommend!

Allison Deines,

The classes here are great. The Tae Kwon do classes support all students teaching every technique with detail, including adults and children. The Hap Ki Do classes authentically teach you how to defend yourself in real situations. All classes have good exercise to help any get in-shape

Haroon Ali,